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When I shut down my compressor why can’t I restart it right away?

The blowdown cycle must be completed before the system will restart.


When I start my compressor it instantly overpressures. Why?

The regulator is not sending a signal to the inlet valve. Check regulator.


Why do I see oil in my air cleaner?

Faulty seal in inlet valve. Machine shut down under a full load. Machine shut down with service valve open.


My compressor slowly builds up air and overpressures. Why?

Faulty shaft seal. Faulty inlet valve.


Why is my oil a pinkish color?

There is too much moisture in the oil. Service the oil and the filter.


My compressor overheats; what should I do?

Check cooling fan. Check oil level. Check compressor speed – it may be too fast.


When I turn on my compressor, the engine dies. What should I do?

Check engine speeds; the engine could be running too slow. Check the compressor, it could be tight or seized.


What should I do when my system does not automatically blow down?

Check blowdown valve. Check muffler at blowdown valve. Check pilot line for blockage.


Why is oil coming out of my service valve?

Check the oil level, it could be too full. Plugged coalescing filter. Compressor running too fast. Oil is broken down – requires service. Check oil return line. Check valve on back of compressor.


When I check the oil with the oil compressor shut off I have a green LED lit, but the compressor shuts down on low oil when I engage it. Why?

The oil level in the sump tank lowers when there is air pressure in the system. All the lines that are above the sump tank will drain back to the tank when the system is shut off, giving the impression that there is more oil in the system.

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