Denair High-Pressure Oil-Free Screw Air Compressors

  • Can output up to 580 psi
  • Oil free
  • Rotary Screw Compressor
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  • Simple construction Low vibration
    The single screw air compressor uses a single screw and two star wheels, one placed on either side of the screw. Radial and axial loads cancel each other, resulting a theoretically zero load. This is the most advanced designing structure of the single screw air compressor.
Simple construction Low vibration
  • High efficiency
    Firstly, single screw air compressor theoretically doesn't have any clearance volume. Secondly, the water used as a lubricating medium also seals gap inside the compression chamber, and enables high efficient operation at low speeds. Thirdly, using water as a cooling method keep compressor ideal isothermal compression.
Simple construction Low vibration
  • Energy saving
    When the actual air usage is lower than rated air delivery, compressor consumes extra power without any air output during unloading. However, with inverter, compressor changes the rotary speed of motor depending on detected air pressure, resulting energy saving.
Simple construction Low vibration
  • Less noise
    First, the motor and screw are directly connected without any rotation gear to cause gear noise. Meanwhile, sound absorbing materials are also used in the equipment shell to reduce noise.
Simple construction Low vibration
  • Stable air delivery
    Depending on the valve of pressure sensor, the digital controller change the motor rotation speed through inverter. That is how it controls the discharge air pressure to make stable air output.
Simple construction Low vibration
  • Monitorable
    Intelligent monitoring is used to prevent accidents. Emergency alarm appears on computers and short messages will also be sent to managers. All these are substantial to the prevention of production accidents.


optional features
  • Can be configured for 20-40 bar
  • Can be configured for 290-580 psig
  • Can be configured for 64-1412 cfm
  • Can be configured for 1.8-40 m3/min
  • Can be configured for 55-400 kW
  • Can be configured for 70-550 hP