Golight Utility Lights

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Performance and Innovation

Powerful light sources, precision engineered reflectors, and high performance optics are the most important characteristics of directional lighting. Golight offers designs for usability in countless applications.

Golight Design

Golight’s patented product designs utilize a combination of halogen and HID bulbs, LED’s, optical lens, and reflector technology to generate extremely bright lights. The designs eliminate dark spots, maximize effective beam distance and provide the user an effective spectral pattern. Golight designs bring more lighting power to your fingertips, anywhere you go.


Golight provides remote options for precision control from virtually anywhere – outside a squad car, atop a boom truck, on a boat deck, or from across the yard. Our units offer permanent or temporary mounting options to better adapt to your application needs.


The rigors of outdoor exposure demand extreme durability. Every aspect of the Golight is designed for durability and strength.


standard features
  • Powerful Spotlights for intense illumination
  • Flood Lens technology for work area illumination
  • Thermal Imaging for heat detection
  • Infrared Lens for covert night vision enhancement
  • Clear Top-Housing for useful vertical light
  • Pedestal mounts for angles on fishing boats
  • Ultra-Violet Rays
  • Rain
  • Sleet
  • Snow
  • Dirt
  • Sub Zero Temperatures
  • Saltwater