Denair Skid Mounted Air Compressors

  • Up to 700 horsepower
  • Diesel Powered
  • Rotary Screw Compressor
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standard features
  • Can be configured for 7-35 bar
  • Can be configured for 102-508 psig
  • Can be configured for 141-1638 cfm
  • Can be configured for 4.00-46.38m3/min
  • Can be configured for 34.6-522 kw
  • Can be configured for 67-700 horsepower
  • Use Germany KAPP machine and German manufacturing technique to process the compression element, the components manufactured to the highest standards and precision aligned roller-bearings ensure long service life with maximum reliability.
  • Heavy-duty CUMMINS diesel engine for extended operation.
  • Excellent components, for example, Germany MANN oil filter and Siemens electronics for high performance.
  • Automatic operation system helps the operator to master the operating skills quickly, unattended operation and remote control are available.
  • Conform to CE, ISO9001 and energy saving certification, etc.