KTC KME Plus Series

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  • Ideal for high output applications with continuous air consumption
  • 101.69 - 307 CFM
  • 116 - 188 PSI


The KME PLUS series, Poly V-belt-driven, guarantees important and cutting-edge advantages in virtue of KTC’s development in engineering and pioneering technology and is embodied by a compact, easy-to-use system, occupying just a modest amount of space, with a noticeable power efficiency and a significant long lifecycle. Total function control through a user-friendly electronic board. Extremely low noise levels as well as reduced maintenance costs and times. A Poly-V belt-driven system and cast-iron taper-hub pulleys ensuring the highest reliability in any work condition. Reduced overall dimensions and simplified installation are a winning card to overcome space problems.

Extremely compact, grounded, small-footprint compressor.

Special care has been given to the design of the compressor internal structure. The motor and the main running parts of the compressor are fixed to a unique load-bearing frame with anti-vibration elements that isolate all the running components from the rest of the structure and remain free from any fastenings to external panels of noise insulation.