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  • Ideal for lower output applications with dynamic air consumption
  • 116 - 188 PSI
  • 42.9 - 56.5 CFM
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KME VSD is the professional range of DIRECT TRANSMISSION compressors with INVERTER
These compressors ensure great reliability, compactness, energy saving and low induced rotation noise in all working conditions, making them unique in their category.
KME VSD is a direct-driven compressors with 1:1 ratio meaning that the air-end and the motor are directly connected by means of an elastic joint thus making both units rotating at the same speed.
This configuration results in less energy consumption, maintenance cast and also noi se. Reduced footprint and simplified installation are a winning card to salve space problems. Cast savings are remarkable and there are no added installati on charges far dryers and tanks being already preassembled, thus eliminating potential air leaks from connection piping.