Vanair V185-UT

  • Diesel Powered
  • Rotary Screw Compressor
  • 185 CFM / 100 PSI
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Vanair® is pleased to offer our customers an industry-leading line of Tier 4 Final-compliant engine driven, utility mount, rotary screw air compressors in sizes of 185 CFM, 210 CFM, and 260 CFM. These stand-alone machines, which are typically cross-mounted along the bulkhead of the body of the vehicle, are equipped with a waterproof eye level, curbside digital control panel for easy accessibility. The corrosion resistant canopy has fork pockets and a balanced single point lifting bail for easy installation and removal.
Rated Delivery (CFM) 185
Rated Operating Pressure (PSI) 100
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 25
Length (in.) 80
Width (in.) 35
Height (in.) 55.39
Weight (lbs.) 2,340


optional features
  • Cold Weather Kits
  • Maintenance Kit Contact
  • Vanguard™ Premium Oil (one gallon – four pack)
  • Vanguard™ Premium Oil (five gallon)
  • Vanguard™ Premium Green Oil (one gallon – four pack)
  • Paint Striping
  • Rail
  • Sewer Repair
  • General Construction
  • Curbside Serviceability
  • Large, 108mm Diameter Rotary Screw Air End (127mm for V260-UT)
  • Automatic 0 to 100% Capacity Control
  • Two Stage Dry Type Air Filter – External Access
  • Two 3/4” Service Connections
  • Oil Level Sight Gauge
  • Isuzu® Engine for 185 CFM, John Deere® Engine for 210 and 260 CFM
  • Steel Fuel Tank
  • Side by Side Coolers for Compressor and Engine
  • Compact Size for Truck Mounting
  • Curbside Fuel Fill & Air Filter Access
  • Noise Level Limited to Maximum of 76 dBA at 7 Meters
  • All Drains End Mounted
  • Automatic Shutdown and Protection System
  • Automatic Blowdown Valve
  • Unloaded Starting